The Artie Lange Show is no longer but thankfully he was kind enough to have me on the show before it went bye-bye.

Sports. Kosta. Gay. Basement. Episode 15!

This Week in Punting!

One of my favorite weekly segments we do on Crowd Goes Wild.  This week we featured Colts punter Pat McAfee:

Crowd Goes Wild with Regis Philbin

You can watch our show every day, Monday-Friday on Fox Sports 1 at 5pm EST.  Click here to find the channel in your area.  The show is LIVE and often ridiculous!  Exclamation point!

We have a great panel with Georgie Thompson, Jason Gay, Trevor Pryce and Katie Nolan.  I hope you stop in from time to time and watch the show progress.  I’m so rich now.

Here are a few segments. 

'Questions Out of Left Field' with Floyd Mayweather:

'Catch the Character' with Regis and Tim McCarver

Thanks for watching.

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