These guys should get paid more than they already do.

The Comedy Club on State, Madison, 2014

Thank you to The Comedy Club on State in Madison for an awesome weekend.  One of the best run clubs in the country with such wonderful audiences.  Smart and drunk = comedy gold.

Here are some pics!


Fellow Illini tennis great Blake Bazarnik and the luckiest lady on earth.


Comedians Mike Mercury and Will Durst.


This shirt sums up the state of Wisconsin.  Caleb Synan looks creepily on.


Looks so much better on an attractive woman.


Picture of the year:  Caleb Synan and I having a deep conversation about comedy and a lonely tampon listens in.


Many more dates posted on my website.  Hope to see you somewhere soon.

Nats at the Zoo

Last weekend I had the opportunity to return to Kalamazoo, Michigan for the Boys’ 16 & 18 National Tennis Championships and host the Exhibition event.  Always great to be back in my home state and in the wonderful world of tennis.  Thank you to tournament director Mark Riley and each one of the nearly 1000 volunteers that put the event on.

Colette Lewis at wrote a nice review of the event here.

See you next year.

Between Mats Wilander and I, we have over $8 million in career ATP prize money and 7 Grand Slam singles titles.

The Artie Lange Show is no longer but thankfully he was kind enough to have me on the show before it went bye-bye.

Sports. Kosta. Gay. Basement. Episode 15!